Lotus Domestic Services Pte Ltd was established in 2013. We are dedicated to provide maids matching your family needs.

We solely understand the demand in Domestic Helpers in each and every family due to the busy life in Singapore.

We are glad that we have set up our maid agency so we could serve the families in need of Domestic Helpers.

We provide maids from regions such as India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and other countries approved by MOM.

We select the domestic helper’s base on each family requirement. We don’t believe in selecting maids unknowingly and we clearly understand the problems that every family face when domestic helper is not up to their requirements. Therefore the selections of maids are carefully done and matching the helpers with the right families are important to us.

Our maids will undergo training in their own countries and also when they arrive in Singapore, we give them basic training before deploying them to their employers.

If you don’t feel happy with your current maid for some reasons, please let us know and we would find a replacement base on your criteria again. Please allow us sometime from 7-21 days to find a replacement.

We do not achieve our mission, if our clients are not satisfied. Your satisfaction is our achievement.

We believe in building our business through providing quality and good service to the employers, through proper screening and proper selection criteria, we aim to provide the best to your family.