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Vanmathi is an ex-singapore maid.

She's passionate, humble and has the initiative. She has worked in singapore for 12 months in total and wants to come singapore ASAP

She's able to speak tamil fluently, can speak and understand english (Simple)

She can take care of children, from newborns to toddlers. She is unable to take care of elderly.

She can cook well and does housekeeping good as well.

First employer : Elderly passed away so they didnt require her service anymore as she was under direct hire

Second employer : She had no proper accomodation nor privacy hence she went back to India.

Please contact 93676092 - Kenneth or 83382677 - Padma /64661540

Married (39)
Ref: LTA - 0123
Upd on 18-Oct-16

Amutha is an experienced maid. She has worked with her last employer for 5 years looking after children 1 years old. Currently she is willing to look after children above 5 years old and also wiling to take care elderly who is mobile. She is able cook Tamil Nadu dishes and willing to learn local or new dishes. She is able to do household chores. Ready to travel anytime.

1st employer - 6 months

2nd employer - 1 month.

Married (49)
Ref: LTA- 00514
Upd on 11-Oct-16

Sandesh kumari is an ex-singapore helper

She has worked for 1 year 8 months under 3 employments.

She is vegetarian however she's able to handle cooking. She can consume non veg as well but she does not like it.

She can speak english fairly well. She's a quick learner as she learnt english very well from her employers as she only conversed in english then.

First employer - Used to work in a 4 RM HDB. Family was american, husband was caucasian & wife was from chennai but an american citizen. her duties were taking care of a 3 year old boy, sending and fetching to and forth from school. fed the kid, cleaning and ironing and doing house chores. Family were mix veg/non veg. ( 1 year 3 months) Left employment as family went back to america

2nd employer - Worked for a lady who used to run a parlor shop, She left as the job score was tiring and was not worth the money as she had to settle low cost salary for 2 major works ( transferred out)

3rd employer - 4 months, She was working for a telegu family that were from bengalaru and conversed in hindi & english with her. They were staying in a 4 room HDB. duties included taking care of a mobile elderly. 2 children aged 4 and 2 years old. She was doing general housework and did the cooking for the family (vegetarian) - Left because family went back to india and she followed them back as well as she was under direct hire.

please call 93676092 kenneth / 83382677 padma

Can travel within 1 week.

Single (31)
Ref: LTA - 0124
Upd on 04-Oct-16
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