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Sudharshani is an ex-abroad housemaid. She has worked in Dubai for 3 years. She can speak english and Singhalam. She is able to take care children above 5 years old. She also able to look after elderly who is mobile. She is good in housekeeping. She is able to cook Sri Lankan dishes and willing to learn new dishes from her future employer. she has a pleasant personality. She is ready to travel anytime.

For more information regarding the helper, please whatsapp or call us at 83382677.

Sri Lankan
Single (32)
Ref: LSL - 00541
Upd on 18-Oct-16

Monica is a Fresh Sri Lankan Maid. She is able to cook Sri Lankan dishes. She is able to handle children and elderly care. She can cook Sri Lankan Dishes. Currently she is under training in Sri Lanka which will end on 20th November 2016.

For more details, please call us/ whatsapp at 83382677/4661540.

Sri Lankan
Married (39)
Ref: LSL- 00542
Upd on 18-Oct-16

Nilanthi is an ex- kuwait / malaysia domestic helper. She is able to handle children above 5 years old and elderly mobile.

She has worked in kuwait for 2 years & malaysia for 2 years. She took care of children in Malaysia and did all household chores. She can cook Sri Lankan dishes only however she is willing to learn new dishes from her new employer.

She can travel immediately

For more info, please contact 93676092 kenneth / 83382677 Padma/ 64661540

Sri Lankan
Single (43)
Ref: LSL - 0014
Upd on 18-Oct-16

Sandya is a fresh sri lankan helper

She has a good attitude and very hardworking.

She worked in abroad, saudi arabia has an housemaid for 5 years as a domestic helper. (2005-2010). She has experience looking after children and did all types of houshold chores.

She has also worked in Dubai garment factory (3 years) and Bahrain worked in a garment factory (5years)

She is able to take care of kids above 5years old, elderly, disabled elderly.

She's also able to cook Sri Lankan food and is willing to learn from employers as well.

She's hardworking, honest and soft spoken. She is able to speak Hindi and simple english. She is able to travel before 30th October 2016.

Please contact 83382677 - padma

Sri Lankan
Married (48)
Ref: LSL - 0011
Upd on 14-Oct-16

Ajeng is a fresh indonesian helper in singapore.

She has worked in malaysia for 10 years. and in brunei for 3 years.

Her duties included taking care of kids, housework and cooking.

She's only able to converse in bahasa/malay at the moment.

However she's able to do all kinds of work, is independant and is willing to learn.

Basic salary is $550 and requesting 1 day off. Can travel immediately

please contact 93676092 kenneth / 83382677 padma

Married (41)
Ref: LIN - 0021
Upd on 29-Sep-16

Tin wai thet is a fresh myanmar helper.

She is nurse aide qualified and is currently working in a hospital in myanmar

She wants a change of field and wants to work in singapore as a domestic helper

She is very suited for disabled / elderly care.

She's very passionate and has a good attitude.

Note* Fresh helpers need time to adjust in singapore, thus employers will have to nurture fresh helpers to adapt and adjust to singapore way

her basic salary is $510 inclusive of 3 day off compensation

Please contact 93676092 kenneth / 83382677 padma.

Single (36)
Ref: LTA - 0178
Upd on 29-Sep-16
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